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Snowboarder Shaun White Net Worth, Height, Weight, Age, Stats, Wife, Wiki, Bio details. Shaun White is a professional American Snowboarder, Skateboarder, and Musician. He is one of the most popular Olympians who has won a gold medal three times. Shaun Whites net worth is about $40 million. White has won most Olympic goal medals as a snowboarder, so he holds this unique record.

Shaun White Net Worth is $40 Million

Shaun White

Early Life & Career

Shaun White was born on 3 September 1986 in San Diego, California. By birth, he had a heart complication that required two operations before he turned one. He was a very talented kid who loved skateboarding and was determined to make a career out of it.

One of Shaun White‘s most impressive professional feats is his success in both the Summer and Winter X Games. He was the first athlete to ever compete in both games and win a medal. He has also won many other unique titles and awards over the years. In 2012, however, White was arrested for public intoxication and vandalism. This was a low point in his career, but he has since recovered and is back to being one of the most successful athletes in the world.

Family & Relationship

White’s girlfriend is Sarah Barthel and they are dating since 2013. Officially they never revealed any children they have.

Shaun White is a professional snowboarder, skateboarder, and musician. He has won a lot of fame and titles in the Olympic world. He has a long list of unique awards that he has won as a professional athlete.
Shaun White is a professional snowboarder and skateboarder who has an estimated net worth of more than $40 million. His wealth comes from his many professional achievements, including his recordbreaking performances and his endorsements from various companies.
White is a source of inspiration and motivation for struggling young professionals, showing that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.
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