Kevin Pillar Wife: Amanda Gulyas, Biography, Children, Family

Read About Kevin Pillar Wife: Amanda Gulyas, Biography, Children, Family Details. Learn Who is Kevin Pillar’s Wife? all you need to know about Amanda Gulyas is here. You will read their relationship history, first meeting, marriage/weeding, children/kids, family details.

Kevin Pillar Wife Amanda Gulyas

Who is Kevin Pillar?

Kevin Pillar is a free agent who played in the MLB. Amanda Gulyas is the beautiful, hot, and lovely wife of the professional baseball player, Kevin Pillar. Pillars professional career is not much satisfying for some years. He debuted in the Major Baseball League in 2013. Amanda has been a great support to him and has been very understanding about his career.

In his personal life, Kevin Pillar is spending a happy married life with a beautiful young lady.

Kevin Pillar is married to Amanda Gulyas.

Who is Amanda Gulyas?

When Amanda and Kevin Pillar met, they were both students at the same university. Amanda had a degree in applied communication, while Kevin had a degree in business. They started dating during their time at school and eventually got married. They now have two children and continue to live in the same city where they met.

Amanda has been working in the TV and film industry since 2012. She has experience working on popular entertainment programs and is now a coordinator at Davie Brown Entertainment. Amanda loves her job and is passionate about her work.

Kevin Pillar and Amanda Gulyas Children

The celebrity couple soon after their marriage, welcomed their first child. A baby boy named Kobie and a baby girl named Jett. The couple says they are enjoying their married life a lot more with their two cute children.


Kobe Bryant was a legendary basketball player who was loved by many. Amanda Gulyas was one of his biggest fans, and she even named her first child after him. When she heard the news of his accidental death, she was in deep pain. Kobe was an amazing player and will be greatly missed.

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