Eoin Morgan Wife: Tara Ridgway, Biography, Children, Family

Read Cricket Player Eoin Morgan Wife: Tara Ridgway, Biography, Children, Family Details. Who is Eoin Morgan’s wife? All about Tara Morgan is here in the below story.

Eoin Morgan Wife is Tara Ridgway

Eoin Morgan Wife is Tara Ridgway

Eoin Morgan’s wife’s name is Tara Ridgway who is now known as Tara Morgan.

Eoin Morgan is the captain of England‘s T20I cricket team. He played a vital role in England‘s win in the T20I World Cup in 2019. In 2016, England qualified for the T20I semifinal but was defeated by West Indies due to Carlos Braithwaite‘s Marvelous innings. In this match, Ben Stokes smashed four sixes consecutively into the park in the last over.

Who is Tara Morgan?

Tara Morgan is the wife of English cricketer Eoin Morgan. She was born in Adelaide, Australia, and has a degree in international relations and public affairs. Tara is currently a marketing coordinator at Burberry.

When Eoin Morgan and Tara Morgan First Meet?

England‘s cricket team was on a visit to Adelaide for the Ashes test when captain Eoin Morgan saw his future wife in a bar and proposed to her. Tara was just 17 at the time, and Morgan was 24. The couple then started dating and spent many beautiful dates together. They eventually moved in together to London.

Engagement to Marriage Story

Morgan was engaged to his future wife Tara in 2017. As they were both loving and caring for each other, soon they decided to become better halves. Their truthful intentions bore fruit; they got married on 03 November 2018.

Marriage Ceremony

It was a beautiful and romantic ceremony, with more than 120 people in attendance to bless the lovely couple. There were lots of remembrances of what we are all subjected to in life, and it was a wonderful event for everyone involved.

Children & Family

We have come to know how strong the relationship between the couple was. They became parents of a lovely kid named Leo Luis Oliver Morgan. The couple is united and affectionate and living blessed lives.

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