Ben Stokes Wife: Clare Ratcliffe, Biography, Children, Family

Read English Cricket Player Ben Stokes Wife: Clare Ratcliffe, Biography, Children, Family Details. Who is Ben Stokes’ wife? Here in the below story, we have some interesting things about Clare Radcliffe, the pretty wife of the English cricketer.

Ben Stokes Wife is Clare Ratcliffe

Ben Stokes Wife is Clare Ratcliffe

Benjamin Andrew Stokes, better known as Ben Stokes, is an allrounder English cricket player who is righthanded with the ball and lefthanded with the bat. However, this article is about his notsopublic life, and specifically his wedding story.

It all started back in 2010 when he met Clare Radcliffe at Old Trafford. They hit it off and started liking and conversing with each other, along with a bit of gossip on social media. After three years, they got engaged, as they were both realistic and optimistic about each other. They maintained this relationship until 2017, when they finally got married, both formally and religiously.

Ben Stokes Marriage Ceremony

The athlete‘s wedding ceremony tape shows no sign of injury on his body, even though he was reported to be suffering from an injury before the wedding. English cricketers, friends, and family members were in attendance at the church to celebrate the formal announcement of the allrounder‘s marriage to his beloved future wife.

Clare Radcliffe and Ben Stokes Dating History

Ben Stokes is the worlds most illustrious allaround cricketer. He is married to Clare, who was a teacher before they got married. Clare has now resigned from her teaching job and is a housewife. The couple has been married for many years and they still have a great relationship.

Clares brother, Chris Ratcliffe, has recorded a video portraying the promising relationship and deeper connection between his sister and her husband. He has clarified thatAs per the historical record, Stokes never flirted with any other girl except her.


Is Ben Stokes Married?

A one-word answer is, Yes. He is married and living a happy life.

How Many Kids does Ben Stokes Have?

The English cricketer is a loving father of two children Layton Stokes and Libby Stokes.

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